im a hot mess literally all I want to do is cut my hair but I cant get an apt ANYWHERE FOR TOMORROW jesus will I really have to go to first choice???

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when boys hold u by yr waist and make you feel tiny
when you kiss boys and you can feel their stubble
freckles on boy
body hair on boy
spooning with boys
when boys get hard while spooning and you can feel it and its really cute
boys in the abstract

1 year later and I’m a lesbian

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I want to kiss you but I also want to light you on fire at the same time

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It’s so fucking weird how girls can just tell when our periods start. Like the exact fucking moment. You’re just sitting in bed or standing in line for groceries and your face does that thing kind of like in That’s so Raven when Raven gets a vision

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i made an aesthetic generator now you can discover urself

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