I wish we could date but you are a hurricane and I am a tornado-earthquake hybrid that ends up causing twice as much damage and gets more press coverage 

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yo i ain’t saying she’s a gold-digger but she does carry a weird pan everywhere and keep mumbling stuff about “gold in them there hills” idk so yeah she is probably a gold digger

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Reasons why October is the best month:

  • Cold but dry weather 
  • Everything is pretty colours
  • Pumpkin pie
  • Pumpkin coffee
  • Everything being made to look spooky
  • Horror movies on TV all the time
  • Halloween
  • Jumper weather
  • Dressing up as scary things
  • Hot drinks
  • Lots of sweets

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I want it to be 2004 again and come home from 1st grade and grab a chocolate chip granola bar and watch lizzie mccguire and thats so raven and not hate myself

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Yo for real, FUCK SCHOOL ! I mean imma still go, imma still go tho.

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I hate when I’m in class, working on my personal writing and someone leans over and goes “WHat R U wRITing” like your eulogy if you don’t back the fuck up you soggy lampshade 

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Makeup post nap. Not even a smudge! #winning #sugarpill